William LeMessurier


William LeMessurier

Structural Engineer – Designer – Educator – Professional Engineer – Author

Building Design – Building Construction – Teaching – Architecture

Fifty-seventh National Honor Member Nominated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chapter

William James LeMessurier is the Chairman Emeritus of the engineering company he founded, LeMessurier Consultants, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1961. He was born in Pontiac, Michigan on June 12, 1926. He received his bachelor of arts in architectural sciences degree from Harvard University in 1947 and his masters of science in structural engineering degree from MIT in 1953.

Mr. LeMessurier began his academic career in 1951 at MIT, serving as instructor (1951-52) and as Assistant Professor (1952-56) in the Department of Building Construction and Engineering, as Associate Professor (1964-67) in the Department of Architecture, as Senior Lecturer (1976-77), and as Lecturer (1983-86) in the Department of Civil Engineering. In addition, he served at Harvard University as Associate Professor (1956-61) and as Adjunct Professor since 1973. During this time, he was a visiting lecturer/speaker at some thirteen colleges and universities.

His professional career began in 1961 with the founding of the company that bears his name, serving in various capacities until his passing on June 14, 2007. The central theme of Mr. LeMessurier’s engineering practice has been structural innovations with the goal of constantly advancing the state of the art combined with a special concern for the aesthetic aspects of structures related to architecture. He was a Registered Professional Engineer in four states and the District of Columbia.

William LeMessurier’s passion as a structural engineer, both professionally and ethically, gave him and his firm the opportunity not only to just make buildings stand, but also to share in the creative process that produces significant architecture. Skilled in design with high strength steels, prestressed concrete, and in the design of shells, space frames, and other high-technology engineering, Mr. LeMessurier and his firm have participated in building projects throughout the United States and all around the world. Buildings such as Citicorp Center (New York City), First National Bank of Boston, Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport Terminals, National Air & Space Museum (Washington D.C.), Treasury Building (Singapore), Tennessee Valley Authority Headquarters (Chattanooga, TN), King Khalid Military City (Saudi Arabia), Bank of Southwest Tower (Houston, TX), Yokohama Landmark Towers, academic buildings on some 13 campuses, and others too numerous to mention, are a tribute to his insight and skill.

He is co-author of two books, “Elastic Design of Steel Structures” 1968 and “Design of Steel Structural Members” 1979, and has served on the Boston Building Code Committee and the Cambridge Experimentation Review Board.

His professional affiliations include ASCE, Fellow and Honorary Member (1989); AIA, Honorary Member (1988); Boston Society of Architects, Honorary Member (1985); ACI, Fellow; BSCES/ASCE, Honorary Member (1988); National Academy of Engineers (1978); Boston Association of Structural Engineers (Past President); some 7 other committees and advisory councils; Tau Beta Pi; and Chi Epsilon. His awards include Doctor of Engineering from University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth (2002) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1998); J. Lloyd Kimbrough Award, AISC (1999); President’s Medal, ASCE (1996); Shortridge Hardesty Award (1995) and George Winter Award (1993), ASCE; and awards of excellence from AISC, AIA, and PCI (1962-1984).

William J. LeMessurier was first elected to Chi Epsilon as a Chapter Honor Member in 1992 at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Chapter No. 100, chartered in 1983, with a general number of 68,188, and an individual chapter number of 178. The National Council was privileged to elevate William J. LeMessurier to be the 57th National Honor Member of Chi Epsilon on June 4, 2004, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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