Inviting New Members

Inviting New Members

For Chapters

Student Members. Eligibility requirements for new student members are provided in Article III of the Constitution (link) and Section 1.02 of the Bylaws (link). For undergraduate members, note that the minimum progress toward a degree in these two documents presently conflicts (25% of the bachelor’s degree requirements in the Constitution versus 50% in the Bylaws). This occurs because the Bylaws have not yet been fully updated following the ratification of the present Constitution. In addition to this requirement, candidates must have grades that place them in the top one-third of their class. As both of these requirements involve academic records that are private under the Federal Academic Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your faculty advisor will provide you with a list of eligible candidates without delivering you any further academic information.

Given the list of eligible candidates, the chapter’s active members will meet and elect candidates as specified in the bylaws, considering their demonstration of the pillars of character, practicality, and sociability.

Following the election, the chapter officers shall notify the candidates of their election (preferably in person) and host a meeting of the candidates to inform them of the expectations, benefits, and responsibilities of membership, the date of the initiation ceremony, and what needs to be done to accept membership.

Between candidates’ acceptance and initiation, it is typical for chapters to require candidates to participate in service events and/or social events related to the pillars of character, practicality, and sociability.

Post-Doctoral Members, Faculty Members and Civil Engineering Alumnus Members. Persons may be nominated and elected to these member grades as provided in Section 1.02 of the Bylaws.

Chapter Honor Members. Chapters are encouraged to nominate Chapter Honor Members as provided in Section 1.03 of the Bylaws. It is preferred that not more than one Chapter Honor Member be initiated or elevated at each initiation ceremony in order that the ceremony be focused on the achievements of the new Chapter Honor Member.

  • To nominate a Chapter Honor Member, please submit the following form.

The following materials are required when submitting a Chapter Honor Member nomination for approval:

  • Bio, including photo suitable for newsletter/on-line publication.
  • Statement of chapter nomination submission (between 1/2 page – 1 page) suitable for publication. This is to highlight the candidate’s engineering expertise and contributions to the field supports the endorsement as to why the chapter feels this individual is deserving of this honor.
  • Resume.
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