Chapter Annual Report Deadlines

Chapter Annual Reports are due according to chapter number on the following schedule. Reports should be transmitted to the Editor of the Transit (Glenn C. Goss, PhD, PE) at

December 1

Spring Chapter Articles - Odd Chapter Numbers

Alabama-Birmingham, University of127SO
Arkansas, University of57CE
Auburn University15SO
Bradley University69CE
Cal Poly-Pomona95PA
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo107PA
California-Berkeley, University of7PA
Central Florida, University of113SO
Clemson University83SO
College of New Jersey143ME
Colorado State University37RM
Columbia University97NE
Connecticut, University of27NE
Cornell University5NE
CSU-Long Beach81PA
CSU-Los Angeles75PA
Delaware, University of105CU
Duke University59CU
Florida International University123SO
Florida, University of115SO
Hawaii, University of49PA
Illinois, University of1CE
Iowa State University61NC
Kansas State University51CE
Kansas, University of65CE
Lawrence Technological University117GL
Lehigh University43ME
Louisiana State University67SO
Louisiana Tech University87SW
Maine, University of93NE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology9NE
Michigan Technological University21GL
Michigan, University of25GL
Minnesota, University of3NC
Missouri University of Science & Technology35CE
Morgan State University141CU
Nebraska, University of53CE
Nebraska-Omaha, University of109CE
New Mexico, University of39RM
New York University31ME
New York University (merged with Chapter 31)45ME
North Carolina State University23CU
North Carolina-Charlotte, University of119CU
Norwich University41NE
Ohio State University29GL
Ohio University129GL
Oklahoma State University19CE
Oklahoma, University of99CE
Old Dominion University91CU
Pittsburgh, University of73ME
Portland State University131RM
Purdue University11GL
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute17NE
Rhode Island, University of111NE
S. Dakota School of Mines and Technology139NC
San Jose State University79PA
South Dakota State University55NC
South Florida, University of103SO
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville121CE
Stevens Institute of Technology125ME
Syracuse University89NE
Tennessee, University of33CU
Texas A&M University-Kingsville135SW
Texas Tech University85SW
Texas-Arlington, University of71SW
Texas-Austin, University of13SW
Vanderbilt University63CU
Washington, University of101RM
Wisconsin-Platteville, University of77NC
Yale University47NE

May 1

Fall Chapter Articles - Even Chapter Numbers

Alabama-Tuscaloosa, University of22SO
Alaska-Fairbanks, University of120RM
Arizona State University106RM
Boise State University142RM
Bucknell University122ME
California-Davis, University of130PA
California-Irvine, University of108PA
California-Los Angeles, University of116PA
Carnegie Mellon University98ME
Cincinnati, University of34GL
City College of New York30ME
Clarkson University40NE
Colorado, University of10RM
Colorado-Denver, University of96RM
Cooper Union28ME
Dayton, University of124GL
Detroit, University of38GL
Drexel University44ME
Evansville, University of128GL
Florida Institute of Technology112SO
George Mason University136CU
Georgia Institute of Technology20SO
Houston, University of80SW
Illinois Institute of Technology2CE
Iowa, University of16NC
Kentucky, University of58CU
Lamar University68SW
Louisiana-Lafayette, University of104SO
Louisville, University of90CU
Manhattan College32ME
Marquette University36NC
Maryland, University of52CU
Massachusetts, University of110NE
Massachusetts-Lowell, University of100NE
Miami, University of102SO
Michigan State University42GL
Mississippi State University78SW
Mississippi, University of14SW
Missouri, University of12CE
Missouri, University-Kansas City134CE
Montana State University76RM
New Jersey Institute of Technology50ME
New Mexico State University66SW
Northeastern University60NE
Oregon State University132RM
Pennsylvania State University8ME
Rice University118SW
Rutgers University74ME
San Diego State University64PA
South Carolina, University of92SO
Southern California, University of4PA
Southern Methodist University46SW
State University of New York-Buffalo70NE
Tennessee Technological University84CU
Texas A&M University56SW
Texas-El Paso, University of86SW
Toledo, University of114GL
Trine University82GL
University of Notre Dame62GL
University of South Alabama140SO
Utah, University of24RM
Vermont, University of72NE
Villanova University94ME
Virginia Polytechnic Institute18CU
Virginia, University of88CU
Washington University126CE
Wayne State University48GL
West Virginia University26CU
Western Michigan Univ138GL
Wisconsin, University of6NC
Worcester Polytechnic Institute54NE