Respond to Invitation

Respond to Invitation

For Candidates

Respond to Invitation

Your chapter officers will usually hold a meeting of newly invited students to provide you information about the society and get information from you for registration in the Chi Epsilon rolls and ordering a certificate and key (pin). If you choose to join, it is important that your chapter have your university (.edu) email address.

The chapter will schedule a formal initiation ceremony. Between your committing to join and your actual initiation, it is common for the chapters to require certain candidate activities, such as participating in a service event and/or a social event. If certain circumstances cause these not to work with your schedule, you should speak to your chapter officers or faculty adviser to see if other arrangements can be made.

Following review by the faculty advisor, your chapter will forward a list of initiates to the Chi Epsilon National Council for approval.

Initiates will then receive an email from You must respond completely to this email. It is important that you provide a name exactly as you want it to show on your certificate (e.g. Joseph Paul Doe, Joseph P. Doe, J. Paul Doe, Joe Doe, etc.)

At the time of your initiation, you will be welcomed to membership in an organization of over 100,000 distinguished civil engineers extending back to 1922.

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