While we have attempted to remedy as many system bugs as possible, once additional individuals begin to utilize the system, there will likely be other issues which need to be addressed. Please be patient, and we’ll get these issues corrected as quickly as possible. (Revised 10-6-2019)

PowerPoint Slideshows:

A series of PowerPoint slideshows have been compiled to familiarize you with the new system. Send your comments to Monique at assistant@chi-epsilon.org

General Topics Chapter Topics
User Access Permissions Scheduling Meetings
XEHub CMS - Getting Started Inviting New Members
Correcting Induction Deficiencies Candidate Response
  Officer Approval
  Register Fees Paid
  Schedule Initiation Event
  HQ Chapter Order Processes
  Attendance Confirmation
  Updating Officers

Training Videos: (Coming Soon)

Support and Error Reporting: Accessing Tech Support

Operational Flow Chart: (Coming Soon)

XEHub CMS Link:https://xehub.azurewebsites.net/