Initiation Forms

While the Chapter Administration System remains down, the following forms are needed by the national office to ensure your chapters planned initiation program is properly registered and your prospective members have their Keys and Certificates at the appropriate time. NOTE: rename all forms before sending to NHQ. Substitute your chapter number for “000”. “MM-DD-YYYY” should reflect the planned initiation date.

Preliminary Initiation Data Form

Shortly after the beginning of each semester or quarter, please submit this form to let the national office know when you plan to hold your next initiation, how you plan to pay for the initiation, when the term of office ends for the current officers, when you plan on installing your next set of officers and whether or not you have filed your financial report with the national office and the 990-series tax return with the IRS. Note: the national office may be filing the tax return on your behalf, but we still need to know if you’ve done this for yourself.

Initiate Data Entry Form

Please use this form to communicate the names and contact information for each of your proposed new members. All columns must be filled out before forwarding this document to your Faculty Advisor for final review. The FA will forward this document to the National Office ( when the review is completed. Sending this document to the National Office constitutes ‘Final Chapter Approval’.

NOTE: please rename the final document using the following naming convention: 000 – NAME Initiate Data (MM-DD-YYYY).xlsx; where 000 is the chapter number, NAME is the chapters name and MM-DD-YYYY is the confirmed date of initiation for your new members.

On receipt, we will prepare an invoice based on the information provided. This invoice will have a secure link which can be used to initiate a bank-to-bank transfer of funds. Please email a copy to the national office so we can begin processing your order. We will order Keys and Certificates for your initiation on confirmation of payment. Wallet cards will not be produced until we have verification the candidate attended the initiation ceremony.

Participation Confirmation

Please use this file to confirm which of your candidates were initiated as members in Chi Epsilon. This form should be sent to the national office within 10 days following the initiation ceremony.

New Officers Update

Please use this file to register your new officers. This form should be sent to the national office within 10 days following installation of the new officers. NOTE: mm-dd-yyyy should be the end of term date for the new officers.