Initiation Forms

Effective immediately (10/6/2019), Society HQ has suspended the use of the current system of spreadsheets for transmission of candidate information. This system has been in effect since 2016 and has now outlived its usefulness.

All chapters will be required to utilize the XEHub Candidate Management System to invite new candidates to join your Chapter of Chi Epsilon. Additionally, the system will be used to schedule initiation, professional, service project, and social event dates, collect Society fees from your new candidates, and take candidate attendance immediately following the initiation ceremony. Chapters will also use the XEHub system to update the list of current chapter officers.

Members are encouraged to utilize the system to update their personal profile information and to upload a current copy of their resume. (More about this later!)

Use the following link to access the new system:

First-time users will be asked to Sign Up. The user must supply one of the two email addresses provided at the time the user became a member of Chi Epsilon. The user will also provide and confirm a password that will be used to gain future access to the system. Click on the “Sign up” button when finished. The system will send an email from, asking you to confirm your new Hub account. At this point, the user must Log In to access the system.

Chapters should not hesitate to begin using the XEHub System. If you have any questions, please contact Monique at or Glenn at

NOTE: We recognize that some Chapters may have already submitted candidate information and made payment for an upcoming initiation event. HQ will attempt to load and process your data so the Chapter can take attendance at the appropriate time. Please be patient as we are moving forward with the deployment of the new candidate management system.