What Are Chapter Awards?

Chapter Awards, as authorized by the Conclave General Assembly, are awarded in recognition of Chapter programs which reflect Scholarship, Character, Practicality and Sociability, the four pillars of membership in our Society. These awards also illustrate a Chapter’s willingness to think and perform beyond normal expectations; encourage growth and development of ‘community’ between its members, the CEE department, the academic institution and the area surrounding the institution and further the vision of Chi Epsilon: "Chi Epsilon seeks to foster excellence, connectivity and engagement among those in the civil engineering community to improve our world."

Conclave Spirit Award

The Conclave Spirit Award rewards a student chapter attending a National Conclave on the basis of (1) the number of delegates sent, including those sent as proxies for other chapters, (2) the distance traveled, and (3) the proportion of delegates to chapter size.

Susan C. Brown Award

The Susan C. Brown Outstanding Performance Award is established to recognize all active chapters that have diligently followed all administrative procedures.

Exemplary Chapter Award

This award is currently under development. The current vision for the Exemplary Chapter Award is to recognize chapter programs which perform beyond normal expectations. To win this award, Chapters’ must develop and follow a program during the course of a typical academic year. At a minimum, this program should be able to address each of the elements contained in the Exemplary Chapter Rubric. The Chapter must also qualify for the Susan C. Brown Award for following all administrative procedures and have participated in the National Service Learning Program during the same academic year. The exact nature of the Award will be determined by the Awards and Scholarship Committee.