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President’s Message

Members and friends of Chi Epsilon,

Since 1922, Chi Epsilon has recognized outstanding students and practitioners in civil engineering and related fields for exhibiting our four pillars: Scholarship, Character, Practicality and Sociability. Over time, traditional civil engineering departments have broadened to offer degrees in environmental engineering, construction engineering, architectural engineering and similar programs, and Chi Epsilon has in turn honored these students and graduates. In bestowing a mark of distinction, symbolized by a key in the form of an engineer’s Transit, we further challenge our members to apply the pillars in their personal and professional lives through the actions in our vision statement:

Fostering excellence, connectivity and engagement among those in the civil engineering community to improve our world.

The commitment of Chi Epsilon members does not end with initiation, but rather is the start of a higher level of professionalism. Our student members serve their departments, colleges and communities through service projects. Many of our alumni members have reached substantial levels of professional accomplishment and leadership, grounded in the experience of student membership.

Thank you for “coming back,” to view our website and learn of our renewed efforts to make membership relevant to the engineers of today and tomorrow. We also encourage you to connect with us on our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finally, but of great importance, your financial support is critical to keeping student initiate fees as low as possible. For many years, Chi Epsilon supported its operations primarily through a one-time initiation fee. However, only five percent of our membership are students; 95% of our membership are alumni. It is widely known that college costs are much greater than a few decades ago, and many of our students are burdened with debt. As such, we are undertaking an effort to re-engage our alumni, both in financial support to the national organization, and in in-kind support to our collegiate chapters.

We encourage our alumni members to connect with their alma mater or nearby chapter and explore opportunities such as speaking at meetings, supporting service projects, and providing student employment. We likewise encourage our alumni to click the “Give Now” button and help us further support Chi Epsilon as it recognizes our students’ Scholarship, Character, Practicality and Sociability and challenges them to continue to further put these pillars into practice as professionals. We are a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charitable organization and have Guide Star Platinum status.

General Fund

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Scholarship/Fellowship Fund

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Chi Epsilon Futures Endowment

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NOTE: Futures Fund Endowment donations will be prudently invested in a diversified portfolio, including insured CD’s and low-risk, uninsured mutual funds. The long-term goal for the portfolio will be to produce an annual income which can be utilized to reduce new member initiation costs. The 2022 target for the Futures Fund Endowment is $3,000,000.