Why Join Chi Epsilon?

There are many good reasons why qualified students should seek membership in Chi Epsilon, the only National Civil Engineering Honor Society. Membership is a reward for accomplishment. It is one way in which hard work and scholastic achievement are recognized and appreciated.

Membership in Chi Epsilon is a mark of excellence readily recognized by others, including future employers. Members will have the opportunity to do something for personal achievement that will reflect favorably on their university. Chi Epsilon chapters are very active in tutoring, counseling, exam preparation, public and community services, and public school career planning events.

Membership affords one a lifelong opportunity to continue developing in a professional manner. Chi Epsilon publications promote excellence in civil engineering, publicize graduate study opportunities, and help keep members informed concerning the activities of friends and fellow workers.

National Conclave provides many members an opportunity to meet members from other universities and join in the teamwork necessary for the governance of Chi Epsilon.

Who Can Become A Member?

In the selection of members, eligible candidates are selected from the entire upper one-third of these in the junior and senior civil engineering class or a directly associated engineering option.

Personal Qualities Of Chi Epsilon Members

Scholarship, Character, Practicality, and Sociability are the fundamental requirements for membership in Chi Epsilon. You will recognize that these qualities, which Chi Epsilon seeks in its members, are the attributes which contribute to successful living.

  • SCHOLARSHIP means success in undergraduate academic work and is a fundamental requirement for Chi Epsilon members.
  • CHARACTER is that integrity of nature which inspires respect and confidence. It is that quality which leads individuals to support worthwhile activities.
  • PRACTICIALITY is the ability to apply the basic principles of scientific knowledge to the problems which continually confront the practicing Civil Engineer.
  • SOCIABILITY is the ability to join freely with others, to share in their activities, and contribute to these activities in a meaningful manner.

What Does It Cost To Be A Chi Epsilon Member?

The national initiation fee for a Chi Epsilon candidate is $94. Individual chapters may assess an additional fee for chapter membership.

What Are The Benefits Of Membership In Chi Epsilon?

  • Undergraduate Scholarship Competition
    • Ten Scholarships @ $3500
    • Ten Scholarships @ $2000
  • Graduate Fellowship Competition
    • Three Fellowships @ $3500
  • Leadership Opportunities and Training
  • Service Learning and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Networking and Mentoring Opportunities
  • Certificate suitable for framing
  • Personalized jewelry – Chi Epsilon “Key”