National Honor Members

National Honor Members are members of Chi Epsilon that have been elevated to the supreme level of recognition on the basis of their distinguished and pre-eminent accomplishments in the field of Civil Engineering, and their outstanding contributions to the object and purpose of Chi Epsilon. No more than two members may be elevated to National Honor Member during any biennium.

Nominations may be made by any Chi Epsilon Chapter, a previously elevated National Honor Member, or a member of the Council. A candidate for elevation to National Honor Member is then selected from the list of nominees by balloting the National Council as many times is necessary to achieve a clear majority vote.

Chi Epsilon is extremely proud to honor these members who have provided great leadership to the profession.

#NameDate of NHM ElevationInduction as Student ChapterInduction/Elevation as CHM ChapterNHM Elevation Chapter
1 Milo S. Ketchum* 11/22/1931University of Illinois University of Illinois
2 Charles B. Breed* 1/1/1932 M.I.T.M.I.T.
3 Ora M. Leland* 2/16/1932 University of MinnesotaUniversity of Minnesota
4 Arthur N. Talbot* 4/10/1932 University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
5 Daniel W. Mead* 4/14/1932 University of Wisconsin - MadisonCornell University
6 John B. Babcock, III* 5/31/1932 M.I.T.M.I.T.
7 Herbert S. Crocker* 5/18/1934 University of Colorado – BoulderUniversity of Colorado – Boulder
8 Frederick E. Turneaure* 12/18/1936  Cornell University
9 Charles Derleth, Jr.* 12/18/1936 University of California – BerkeleyCalifornia
10 George T. Seabury* 5/18/1939  M.I.T.
11 Hardy Cross* 12/4/1940 University of IllinoisM.I.T.
12 John L. Savage* 1/25/1946 University of Colorado – BoulderUniversity of Colorado – Boulder
13 Julian Hinds* 2/21/1948  University of Southern California
14 Lewis A. Pick* 2/21/1948 Virginia Polytechnic InstituteVirginia Polytechnic Institute
15 Charles G. Hyde* 3/31/1950 University of California – BerkeleyM.I.T.
16 David B. Steinman* 5/20/1950 City College of New YorkCity College of New York
17 Tom A. Blair* 9/12/1952 University of Colorado – BoulderUniversity of Colorado – Boulder
18 Sinclair O. Harper* 9/12/1952 University of California – BerkeleyUniversity of California – Berkeley
19 Henry T. Heald* 10/23/1953 Illinois Institute of TechnologyIllinois Institute of Technology
20 Morton O. Withey* 4/9/1954 Cornell UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin
21 Bernard A. Etcheverry* 4/16/1954 University of California – BerkeleyUniversity of California – Berkeley
22 Bertram D. Tallamy* 5/11/1958 Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
23 Geroge D. Clyde* 5/6/1961 University of UtahUniversity of Utah
24 Samuel B. Morris* 2/23/1962 University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Southern California
25 Nathan W. Dougherty* 5/1/1965University of Tennessee (Alumnus)University of TennesseeUniversity of Tennessee
26 Enoch R. Needles* 5/6/1965 Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMissouri University of Science and Technology
27 Clarence L. Eckel* 12/12/1966 University of Colorado – BoulderUniversity of Colorado – Boulder
28 A. M. Rawn* 4/12/1968 University of California – BerkeleyUniversity of California – Berkeley
29 Ellis L. Armstrong* 5/3/1968 New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNew Jersey Institute of Technology
30 Mason G. Lockwood* 12/9/1968 University of Texas – AustinUniversity of Texas – Austin
31 Solomon Cady Hollister* 6/25/1969 Purdue UniversityCornell University
32 William H. Wisely* 10/16/1969 University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
33 George R. Rich* 3/13/1970 Worchester Polytechnic InstituteWorchester Polytechnic Institute
34 Abel Wolman* 5/5/1971 Drexel UniversityDrexel University
35 Louis R. Howson* 4/6/1972 University of Wisconsin - MadisonUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
36 John A. Focht, Sr.* 4/22/1972 University of Texas – AustinUniversity of Texas – Austin
37 Roland P. Davis* 11/11/1972 West Virginia UniversityWest Virginia University
38 Daniel V. Terrell* 3/25/1973 University of KentuckyUniversity of Kentucky
39 Lief J. Sverdrup* 4/4/1976 Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMissouri University of Science and Technology
40 Ralph E. Fadum* 3/12/1978 Purdue UniversityPurdue University
41 Phil M. Ferguson* 3/29/1980 University of Texas – AustinUniversity of Texas – Austin
42 Oscar S. Bray* 4/3/1982 Northeastern UniversityNortheastern University
43 Ralph B. Peck* 3/31/1984 University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
44 Hunter Rouse* 11/9/1985M.I.T. University of Illinois
45 Linton E. Grinter* 6/25/1986 Illinois Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Florida
46 Leland J. Walker* 4/9/1988 Montana State UniversityMontana State University
47 William McCoy Sangster* 4/21/1990University of IowaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Tennessee - Knoxville
48 Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr 4/30/1990 Purdue UniversityPurdue University
49 Fred J. Benson* 3/14/1992Texas A&M (Alumnus)Texas A&MTexas A&M
50 Jack Cermak* 3/5/1994 Colorado State UniversityColorado State University
51 Chester P. Siess* 11/5/1994Louisiana State University (Alumnus)University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
52 Mario Salvadori* 1/23/1996 Manhattan CollegeCooper Union
53 T. Y. Lin* 3/9/1996 University of California – BerkeleyUniversity of Kentucky
54 William J. Hall 3/21/1998 University of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
55 John A. Focht, Jr* 3/3/2000UT – Austin University of Wisconsin - Madison
56 Luther W. Graef 3/9/2002Marquette Univ.Marquette Univ.University of Wisconsin - Madison
57 William LeMessurier* 6/4/2004 University of Massachusetts-LowellM.I.T.
58 Robert D. Bay 3/11/2006 Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMissouri University of Science and Technology
59 Charles Pankow* 4/23/2006 Purdue UniversityPurdue University
60 Leslie E. Robertson 3/15/2008 University of California – BerkeleyStevens Institute of Technology
61 Daniel S. Turner 3/13/2010University of AlabamaUniversity of AlabamaUniversity of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
62 G. Wayne Clough 12/1/2012Georgia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of WashingtonUniversity of Maryland
63 William F. Marcuson III 3/15/2014Michigan State University of Utah
64 Conrad G. Keyes, Jr. 5/6/2016NMSUNMSUNMSU
65 Norma Jean Mattei 10/9/2017 University of Louisiana – Lafayette2017 ASCE National Convention