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Donor Recognition

Donations to Chi Epsilon are applied to two primary sources, the Scholarship / Fellowship Fund and the General Fund. Additionally, members may choose to designate their donations to either the Futures Fund Endowment or the Conclave Fund.

The scholarship / fellowship fund provides undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships totaling $65,500 to 23 recipients each year. Funding for scholarships and fellowships remain strong. The general fund covers the operating expenses of the National Office. These include salaries, rent, utilities, broadband costs, technology upgrades, insurance, annual audit, and travel funds. Historically, much of these costs have been borne by fees charged new initiates. Given the increasing costs of college and level of college debt held by our student members, we are looking to alumni to increase donations to avoid further increases in initiate fees.

Beginning in 2016 we asked our members to contribute to the Futures Fund Endowment. Donations to this fund will be prudently invested in a diversified portfolio with the goal of eventually producing an annual income to support the general fund and reduce new member initiation costs. We have also restarted the Conclave Fund as a means of reducing the cost of conclave attendance for all student delegates.

The following individuals and corporations have generously supported the vision of Chi Epsilon: "Chi Epsilon seeks to foster excellence, connectivity and engagement among those in the civil engineering community to improve our world."

General Fund - clickhere.

General Fund donations offset the cost of doing business.

Scholarship/Fellowship Fund - clickhere.

Scholarship / Fellowship Fund donations supplement the money held in Chi Epsilon’s long-term investment accounts.

Futures Fund Endowment - clickhere.

Futures Fund Endowment donations will be prudently invested in a diversified portfolio, including insured CD’s and low-risk, uninsured mutual funds. The long-term goal for the portfolio will be to produce an annual income which can be utilized to reduce new member initiation costs. The 2022 target for the Futures Fund Endowment is $3,000,000.

Conclave Fund - clickhere.

As Chi Epsilon continues to grow, so too, the costs for producing a quality Conclave experience. Individuals donating to the Conclave Fund will help reduce the cost of conclave attendance for all student delegates. Corporate sponsors please contact the National Office for more information.

Sponsor Recognition - coming soon!