Registration of Chapter’s intent to attend 2018 Conclave

For planning purposes, each chapter is asked to pre-register its intent to be represented at the 2018 Conclave in person or by PROXY representation.

  • Each chapter must be self-represented at least once every three Conclaves
  • Each chapter must send at least one delegate to the Conclave unless represented by PROXY
  • To maximize the experience of the Conclave and subsequent transfer of information back to the chapter, we strongly recommend the ‘official’ chapter delegate should be a junior rather than graduating senior
  • Chapters are encouraged to send more than one delegate when possible

NOTE: The name submitted below is your chapter contact and is NOT considered to be your official chapter delegate to the Conclave. Individual registration is handled separately. This website will be open in the near future.

To make changes to your registration information, please contact the National Office at (866) 554-0553.

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